Site history

St George acquired the site in May 2012. The site was was previously occupied by News International and was home to The Times, Sunday Times, The Sun and the News of the World for almost 30 years.

The area has always had a strong maritime association, but changed radically in the 19th century when the London Docks were built. The docks specialised in high-value luxury commodities such as ivory, spices, coffee and cocoa as well as wine, spirits and wool, for which elegant warehouses and wine cellars were constructed.

The London Docks occupied a total area of about 90 acres (120,000 m²) when completed, consisting of Western and Eastern docks linked by the short Tobacco Dock.

The Western Dock was connected to the Thames by Hermitage Basin to the south west and Wapping Basin to the south. The Eastern Dock connected to the Thames via the Shadwell Basin to the east.

The Grade II Listed Pennington Street Warehouse still stands on the site and is being retained as part of the redevelopment.

For further information on the history of London Dock, you can download this booklet.